Virtual HBCU College Tour

Every year thousands of high school students flock to the campuses of HBCUs for an unforgettable time. College tours have been a spring vacation tradition for plenty of students  for years. But what happens when those students can't physically go due to funds or a pandemic?

The Virtual HBCU College Tour was created to give students the chance to learn about HBCUs and give them the opportunity to experience our beautiful campuses while helping them to answer the question "Can I really see myself here?"

The campus of a school is so important to choosing a college because there are plenty of options: city, rural, historic, new, football team or not, wide-spread, or close-knit. 


The Chicago HBCU Alumni Alliance, Inc. is a non-profit community-based organization that collaborates mainly to strengthen the community through our impactful programs and to provide support to underserved students interested in attending HBCUs.

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