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Thank you for your interest in participating in the Chicago HBCU Alumni Alliance Step Show. We are excited to bring this tradition to the Chicago Football Classic Weekend. Please review the following rules and regulations and sign up by July 31st. If you have any questions please reach out.


Team Requirements

Teams must be undergraduate or graduate organizations.

Each team should consist of no more than 25 steppers (including helpers).

Each team is responsible for their own transportation and lodging for the event.

Each team is asked to prepare a 8-10 minute performance, which includes intro video, entrance and exit (points will be automatically deducted once a team goes over 11 minutes.)


All submissions must be done by July 31, 2019 on this website. Confirmations of team participation in event will be given by August 8, 2019. Once confirmation is sent, each team will have 1 week to send in $100 entry fee.


As a family friendly event, the following guidelines are in place:

     If a team member is found to be abhorrently unsportsmanlike (*e.g., causing a disruption to the production), the team will be disqualified.

     No sexual or explicit acts will be tolerated.

     Avoid excessive profanity in words or music during performance.


    Oils and other liquids may not be used during the performance as this presents a safety hazard on stage.

    Fire may not be used on stage.

    Glitter of any kind is not permitted including loose and costumes.

    All props and special requirements must be approved at least 2 weeks the performance.


All teams must check-in by 6:30 the day of the show. A drawing of numbers will initiate the order of competition, and will be assigned during the step show meeting prior to the show.

Each team must have all music cued on one CD or USB with your groups name clearly stated on the CD or file.



One grand prize will be given to the winning team. (subject to change based on submissions to 1 undergrad and 1 grad)

First, second, and third place will be announced at the event.

Winning step teams will receive and accept prize money in the form of a check. The check will be made payable to the organization. Prize money will be distributed in check form, 2-3 weeks after performance.

Winning step teams must provide a W-9 to receive prize money.


General Information

The step team/organization represents by submitting an entry form that they are authorized to enter into this performance agreement and consent to pictures and filming.

The step team assumes all risks in its performance of all activities and is responsible for all actions whatsoever committed by our team that may cause harm or injury to persons or property because of their performance as authorized by this agreement.

The Chicago HBCU Alumni Alliance and Butler College Prep will not be held responsible/ liable for the actions of the contestants.

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